Western USA – Not Fit For Survival

Obviously this is a generalisation – the west of the USA is close to half a continent. There will be some great survival spots here and there.

But generally speaking, the West is dry, and the East is not:



According to the rainfall map, there is a clear mid-continent dividing line. The upper West coast gets a lot of rain, but that is of no use when folk flee an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

New Mexico and Arizona have numerous towns that attract new agers and survivalist types. Unfortunately the survivalists have made critical mistakes. To survive you will need food, water, shelter and a pleasant climate. Regardless of what attracts you to a desert, you won’t be able to survive for long when society can’t provide you with the basics.

From my book:

Albuquerque, New Mexico is 8-9000 feet above sea level, which some survivalists find appealing. Being so far inland, height is not a necessity, and you’ll find that the arid climate and inability to grow crops major negatives for many SHTF scenarios, such as a loss of the power grid, or a pandemic. I recommend heading farther east.

If you were surviving in the West, your crops failing, your family starving, and you come across the above map – which direction would you head?

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  1. Living in the Western part of the US, I have given this some thought for quite some time. But from my point of view there is really nowhere “safe” in the US. You can go south into Mexico, but that presents a whole set of other problems. The Eastern US has it’s bizarre cold spells that seem to be getting worse with each passing season. There’s also the Midwest with its slew of tornadoes and floods, not to mention hurricanes. And, of course, let’s not forget the Yellowstone caldera, the New Madrid fault, etc.

    Earthquakes and fires in the West are our major problem (we just had a major outbreak last night during our current heat wave). Aside from the heat waves and earthquakes, the sweet spot we live in at the southernmost tip of So. Cal is unbeatable by any US standard, except Hawaii.

    As you well know, the slow roast the Earth is going through will only get worse as time goes on. This is indeed a major concern for all people on the planet, no matter where you are. But it’s my theory that these elements will contribute to yet another factor that will lead many to extinction, and that’s pandemics that will cull the populations of the world. We are indeed close to a correction of the sort we had with the Spanish flu in 1918. Drug resistant bugs are popping up all over the place. Nature knows when it’s time to trim the grass.

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