Wall Street Titans Bunkering Down

I guess it is human nature – when you have so much money that it can help many future generations of your progeny, you do your best to make sure it gets to them.

Smarter still is to use some of that money to ensure that they survive at all.

The client, a senior partner at Goldman Sachs, wanted him to design a family house in upstate New York with a difference. It wouldn’t just be completely ‘off the grid’, with its own power and water supplies, but — and there isn’t yet an architectural term for this — it would be post-apocalypse. The conventional house would be mirrored below ground with pretty much identical living quarters that would be completely secure and so self-contained that there would be facilities to hydroponically grow plants and vegetables without soil.
[Source: The Spectator]

This isn’t a unique case, another prominent example is the Walton (Walmart) family and their compound. What pleases me is that (seemingly) such preparations are occurring in a post-2012 era.

The article mentions a 2nd Wall Street millionaire:

The strange thing was that when my friend rang a mechanical engineer for advice on a few technical details, rather than be gobsmacked, the engineer said he’d been working on pretty much the same brief for another Wall Street titan. Only he wanted a moat, too. ‘What do they know that we don’t?’ the architect asked me.

I would do the same, if I had the cash. But presumably I’d invest in weapons and secrecy over a moat.

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  1. Was reading an article and this was the main thing that jumped out at me (bear in mind this happened several years ago and is second hand information at best)…

    “…A couple of years ago I went to a talk put on by Chris Martenson in Edmonton, Canada. Chris is famous for his popular online Crash Course. Chris gave his usual spiel on how most investment strategy is based on the preceding 20 years of investment statistics and that this is underpinned with the assumption that there will always be more energy, soil, forest, air, and water that we can exploit. However, how can the next 20 years be anything like the last 20 years if we have run out of cheap oil, 50% of the forests are gone, the air is getting worse and we are running out of water? His main point is that the next 20 years are not going to be anything like the last 20 years.

    What really blew me away was the private conversation that I had with Chris after his talk. He told me that he had given the same presentation to Wall Street bankers the week prior. These bankers gave Chris the following comment: “We know all of this already. We have our bug-out locations in the woods so that when the music stops playing we can hide out while the world unwinds.” They believe they need to keep dancing until the music stops – everything will look normal until the very last moment.

    Wow! These folks Chris spoke with actually recognized that the system is broken. They continue to sell their investment schemes with the knowledge that things are very likely to come crashing down. And they are prepared for this crash. They’ve invested their surplus into off-grid cabins stocked with food and other supplies.

    So how do you manage that information, not get freaked out and preserve wealth in a way that allows you to ride out the storm? That is the question that I have been asking myself for 10 years. Here is what I have come to…”

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