Jesse Ventura v David Icke (wrestling but not really)

I actually have a lot of time for David Icke, but I would love to know what he really thought… In the early days he focussed on the lizard people, and these days he barely mentions them. He would be smart to admit a mistake. Instead we have this interview with Jesse Ventura:

The best evidence of shape-shifting reptilians is “an un-named friend of mine saw it”. That is basically zero evidence. And yet the pedophilia ring amongst the most prominent of Brits (MPs, royalty, etc) is something he correctly exposed many years ago.

Interesting chap. He can talk on stage for 9 hours to a captivated audience – but when he is asked basic questions, folds.

Mr Icke, convince me and I will spruik on your behalf. Seriously.


  1. LIZARD PEOPLE ??????? Oh, come on. I used to read the daily website SOTT by
    Laura Jadowyz or whatever her name is and she banned me from posting on her
    website because of my ABUNDANT skepticism in regards to her beliefs.

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