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I love the amazing resource that is (as well as their TV show), and my 2012 story is back there again today. This time I caught up with British academic Joseph Gelfer who asked me a few questions about my post-2012 world. Some might be surprised to find out that I don’t actually have a bunker:

We’ve got a bunker, but it’s a golf course bunker right next door to our house, which is kind of ironic because I decided not to build an actual bunker. I’ve talked myself out of bunkers and told other people that you don’t need them in Australia.

Otherwise I talk about death threats, my dislike of talkback radio, the double-edged nature of being wrong about the end of the world (so far), and how my kids are still totally unaware of what 2012 was all about.

And for the what next? question I touched on antibiotic failure, Big Brother surveillance and the idea that we live in a simulation.

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  1. What do you think of Fukushima radiation poisoning the globe? There are grotesque mutations popping up all over the Pacific Ocean, major fish die-offs, etc. This is one major survival threat you might want to investigate and write about. It’s an important story that most news media are ignoring.

  2. I’m not convinced. Keep an eye on this one. I feel there will be much more negative news coming from this issue over the course of the year. It’s purely intuitive and I may be wrong. But this is something that will either fade or get entirely out of control. In any case, not wise to just simply forget about it.

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