So, Ebola is now in your world…

Now is the time to start considering how you will react when Ebola is in your neighbourhood/country/part of the world.

If you wait until everyone else has the same idea, your access to supplies will be limited.

You will need to isolate yourself (and loved ones) from the world for an extended period. Thankfully these days you can keep an eye on news and know when the threat has subsided. However, it could be months or even longer than a year.

To achieve this you will need:

  • No obligations – military commitments, mortgage payments, or anything that can force you out of seclusion. If there are concerns, go hide somewhere you can’t be found
  • Food and water. Hopefully having a survivalist mindset means these are already in place, enough to last a year or more
  • Communications. Even if that only means a battery-powered radio
  • Face masks
  • Steely reserve – no contact with the outside world

My plan involves me living in a tent near the family home. Any contact with the outside world will be made by just myself – and I expect there will be some need to venture out that I can’t predict. Anything I fetch can be left on the doorstep, and we can communicate by yelling or whatever.

Some people recommend a range of medical supplies – these are all good to have, but really you just need to hide away.

The key is to get your supplies in place before everyone else decides to. That would be now, before Ebola reaching your country makes the news.

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