Quality Go Bag

There are a million ways of configuring a “go bag”, and often the differences come down to product quality.

Don’t worry about the backpack itself, any pack costing say $30+ will be durable enough – if you are on the run for weeks then you need to question your tactics.

Essential items are:

  • water purification – I prefer to have an immediate solution like a LifeStraw, as well as purification tablets for when I am not on the go
  • a knife – enough quality that it won’t break when you really need it
  • signalling – mirror or whistle
  • shelter – a poncho has many uses and takes up little space
  • food – you can last weeks without food but energy could be difference between achieving survival or not
  • first aid – some medicine and bandages could be worth their weight in gold
  • paracord – because you can


At Sigma III Survival School they have a pre-made pack that ticks most of the above boxes, and the rest you can just add. I’d prefer to build my own, but ordering this one just takes a couple of mouse clicks!

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