My Safe Spot Revealed On National TV

When they film you for 6 hours, they can edit it down to whatever they wish. Ultimately I think it is quite well made, although the original reason they requested to film me – to discuss the risk of solar storms – just isn’t there :(


  • They didn’t give any clues as to my location, there was even a red herring from the road sign they showed
  • Didn’t include any faux pas or me stumbling over my words
  • Showed some of my storing food tips at Aldi


  • Edited out whenever I mentioned that I always thought a 2012 doomsday was unlikely (but a good excuse to prepare)
  • They filmed my family as well, but preferred to make it look like I was a loner
  • The discussion about solar storms wasn’t there – that was why I agreed to do it. That information could inspire others to prepare

Here it is at SBS:

And YouTube:

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