I’ve had a variety of TV, radio and print appearances over the years – here are some of them:

100 Days of Disaster – a Channel Ten (Australia) doco that seemed to favour my point of view:

After The Apocalypse – The Feed (SBS2 Australia) profiling me as the “last 2012er”:

Channel 7 news, the day before the “Mayan doomsday”, survival supplies in my garage:

Live on CNBC (global!), on Dec 20 2012:

Live on Sunrise (Channel 7, Australia) the day prior to doomsday:

And back on Sunrise the next morning – after an all night drinking session. I did not know that the convoy of TV vans would be visiting me…

Post 2012 interview with

Pre 2012 interview with Vice:

Feature article in Playboy magazine, interviewing myself and three other members:

2012: Countdown to Armageddon (National Geographic doco):

CNN article:

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