Actually Leaving Earth to Survive!

Researchers around the UK are working with colleagues from the USA, Italy and the Netherlands on Project Persephone, investigating new biotechnologies that could one day help to create a self-sustaining spacecraft to carry people beyond our solar system.

The craft would incorporate into its structure organic matter such as algae and artificial soil, using the Sun’s energy to produce biofuel and a sustainable source of food. It would need to keep a few thousand people alive for generations on a one-way mission to find a new world to inhabit.

The technology isn’t there yet, but these folk have set a realistic deadline of 2100. I have a lot of respect for anyone (in this age of re-election being the primary goal) that has a goal they will never personally witness. I love legacy


The plan is to leave Earth, and find a new place for humankind to flourish. It’s sad to say, but almost certainly one day we will attempt this because we have to.


Not only is their website overflowing with great ideas, take a look at the peer-reviewed works of their alumni:

Personally, I envisage I will need to have both feet on solid ground coupled with the idea of fighting to the end. I would prefer running away over fighting if I could do so on planet Earth. But if the Sun or planet Earth is the enemy, taking off through space is a smart option.

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