While I am happy with my Dec 2012 risk assessment, it also daft publishing under such a moniker in 2013 and beyond – so this is the new blog – welcome!

The Mayans may have been a bit out with their doomsday prediction – certainly modern scientists cannot predict the return of a long-period comet or a massive solar storm with any accuracy….

Regardless, the principles remain, our cozy world is substantially more fragile than we imagine. So, henceforth, I will try to ram that home.

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  1. Again, the Mayans NEVER said anything about a catastrophe ending the world. They said that it would be the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth World. People with a money making agenda changed the landscape of this prediction and inspired people like you to take up the call of a very misunderstood concept. For the most part, it was a move to make money off something that was mysterious enough to capture the imagination, and vague enough to inject all kinds of fictions into their yarns.

    I for one am grateful that the Long Count is over as well as all the ridiculous hype that went along with it.

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