Giant Underwater Pyramids Hoax


I usually just ignore this types of stories – the ones that tell of amazing discoveries which have no legitimate source (like a real newspaper or academic journal). However, this time Graham Hancock was asked about a story so many times he felt compelled to write a Facebook post concerning it:

HOAX WARNING re stories about “giant underwater pyramids made of thick glass found in the center of the Bermuda triangle.” I can’t even count how many good well intentioned people have written to me in recent days asking if stories like this one ( are true. These stories are NOT true! “Meyer Verlag”, the name of the alleged “oceanographer” in the story linked above means Meyer Publishing House in German; in some other stories (quite a few are going around) he’s referred to as Verlag Meyer — i.e. Publishing House Meyer. This is an obvious hoax that has been in circulation since at least 2012 if not before with no resolution. I don’t understand why people put crap like this about but I’m concerned that the effect will be to harm the work of genuine alternative historical researchers.

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