Piñata – Global Mystery

[Source: http://www.craftychica.com/site/2012/10/i-made-more-sugar-skull-pinatas/] I actually came across this watching a TV cooking show. I’m surprised that I have not read of this previously, and I suspect that the original sources are suspect. Still, if you look at Wikipedia, the Piñata concept was global … Continue reading

The Tower of Babel

Have you ever wondered how pyramids exist all around the world, but their differences are enough to doubt a common origin? Perhaps this Biblical quote is an attempt to answer that very same question – allowing for some distortion over … Continue reading

Tumuli of Turkey

It isn’t much of a stretch to call man-made mounds pyramids. They are tombs (whether actual or pretend) of a massive scale that have not been replicated in modern times. Sure, they aren’t pyramidal in shape, but why would they … Continue reading

The Ratio Religion

The oldest papyrus scrolls from ancient Egypt describe mathematics. Especially important to the ancient Egyptians were fractions. Every conceivable fraction can be expressed as the sum of reciprocals (fractions that are 1/n), and they had a couple of good reasons … Continue reading