Care: A Force of Nature

I propose a new force, one that alongside gravity should be described as weak. It is called Care.

Care has a deep connection with Morphic Resonance. There’s just an extra-dimension as the name implies, plus some ideas about how it physically works.

I came across Care without reading Rupert Sheldrake. When I worked as a tram conductor I developed a serious concern for the welfare of passengers. Back then (1990s, Melbourne), many tram stops were in the middle of a road with no safety barriers. Stepping off a tram without looking could have serious consequences. Thankfully nobody was hurt on any of my shifts.

A decade later I realised that in my many inner-city journeys, whether by foot or car, I had never witnessed a single collision of any sort (all I did see one cyclist and one motorcyclist half fall of their bikes). I didn’t need to work out the odds to realise that I was exceptionally lucky. Since then I have spent substantially more time in the city, and still no collisions, not even a low-speed, low-impact minor accident. That I have witnessed.

I don’t think I am inclined towards hubris, But I do think that by projecting care I have made a difference.

Sheldrake’s morphic resonance “is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.

The system could well function from knowing every thought and action in the universe ever. In the interests of efficiency I believe Sheldrake has chosen systems as the trigger. I have chosen Care. Systems aren’t necessarily good systems. Care implies pride and success in your own work, and wishing well for others. These are necessarily positives worth sharing.

I call Care a weak force, like gravity – not because it has a relationship with distance, but because the effects are so subtle as to have escaped detection so far.

Care explains the following, and presumably much more:

  • Human scientists and animals having the same brilliant idea, at almost the same time, without contact.
  • Evil is not as widespread as it could be.
  • The idea of magic and witchcraft
  • Evolution: shared feedback of beneficial results
  • Prayer
  • Living longer if you have friends
  • Pets living longer due to being loved more

As to the physical mechanisms, did you know that DNA can vibrate? That means a signal is being sent into the universe.There are other mechanisms that apply. The real difficulty is the receiving end. Is it God? The Aether? The morphic field?

If so, how does it exist in the real, physical world?

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