Again: How Dangerous is Ebola?


So we see images like the one above, and get the sense that if you are treating Ebola sufferers, you are fully protected and safe from harm. We are also told that the main reason Ebola is still spreading is due to ignorance and practices such as hugging the dead.

Then you read this (New York Times):

The health minister of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, said more cases beyond the 14 known ones could arise, but thus far all are linked to Patrick Sawyer, a Minnesota resident who was very ill when he arrived in Lagos on a flight from Liberia and died soon after, on July 25.

Twelve people who had contact with Mr. Sawyer, in the hospital or in the car that took him there, have fallen ill. Two doctors, two nurses and the driver have died.

To be fair, Sawyer insisted that he did not have any contact with the virus, and initially the doctors tested him for malaria and AIDS (source). But it sounds like anyone who came near him caught Ebola. That means it is spreading far more easily than authorities are letting on. That also means it is one mutation closer to being unstoppable. 



  1. Man kind is a plague upon the earth. Mother Earth is finally eradicating this cancer (us) to more sustainably populations. 7 billion far exceeds the resources she (earth) can provide to all. But I still say may she have mercy on us & may God, whom whom ever you.believe, bless us all.

  2. Yeah, the fact that so many health workers (that are supposedly wearing the correct PPE) are coming down with the virus would seem to indicate some sort of shift in how the virus traditionally has been transmitted.

    WHO’s latest estimate, that I’ve heard projects, about 20,000 deaths in West Africa, however the speed in which it’s starting to spread to other countries (including a few that haven’t been mentioned in MSM like Morocco and D.R.C), the amount of undocumented migrants leaving these areas to head to Europe (often through people smugglers), and the fact that infected people are being shipped to Europe and the US all combine to, in my view, make it a very low estimate.

    To put another twist on it, there is a bit of evidence being collected that suggests that the Black Death might have been a type of hemorrhagic fever rather than bubonic plague.

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