Piñata – Global Mystery

[Source: http://www.craftychica.com/site/2012/10/i-made-more-sugar-skull-pinatas/] I actually came across this watching a TV cooking show. I’m surprised that I have not read of this previously, and I suspect that the original sources are suspect. Still, if you look at Wikipedia, the Piñata concept was global … Continue reading

The Tower of Babel

Have you ever wondered how pyramids exist all around the world, but their differences are enough to doubt a common origin? Perhaps this Biblical quote is an attempt to answer that very same question – allowing for some distortion over … Continue reading

Tumuli of Turkey

It isn’t much of a stretch to call man-made mounds pyramids. They are tombs (whether actual or pretend) of a massive scale that have not been replicated in modern times. Sure, they aren’t pyramidal in shape, but why would they … Continue reading