2012 Forum Closing on Sunday


My 2012 Forum began in early 2006 and ran for 7.5 years. It started out as a means to managing comments at Survive2012.com and quickly became the most popular place to discuss the 2012 meme.

It became so successful that:

  • 4 members were the focus of a feature article in Playboy magazine
  • several members made TV appearances
  • survival communities formed, as well as some marriages and babies – due to folk meeting there
  • 490,000 posts on 27,000 topics
  • 11,000 members, thousands of whom made a post

Because the topic was 2012, and it is now beyond that date, I have decided to switch the forum off at the end of June 2013 – but leave it archived due to the wealth of opinion and information that lies within it.

For former members and those still interested in 2012ish topics, I’ve made a list of places where you can hang out – see the next post:

Thanks everyone, this was a big part of many lives and won’t be forgotten.


Yep, 2012 wasn’t a doomsday. While it still makes great sense to prepare for major disasters, it would seem they can now happen any time, rather than perhaps in late 2012.

I doubt I will mention the 2012 doomsday meme much in the future, but I won’t run out of thoughts on associated themes.


  1. Thanks for all those years of organizing effort and news gathering!
    Knowledge was shared. Eyes were opened.

    See you on the other side!

  2. We’re not out of the woods yet. Just because doomsday didn’t come in Dec ’12 doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen soon. Complacency is not a good idea.

  3. Good job Bob,
    As all should know the earth is changing and yes, there will one day be a catastrophic event which will change life as we know it forever, regardless of one’s location. I believe preparedness is a must and we must live our lives daily in happiness along with the knowledge of what we have all learned from the past. May God bless and keep you and all who have participated in your web site.



  4. You did a lot of work to get information out to everyone over the years. And a lot of those things have taken place, just not necessarily as we thought they might. I don’t think the game is over yet, regardless of the date. God bless.

  5. Thanks Robert for all your thoughts and opinions. Though the world didn’t end in 2012 & doesn’t appear to be ending in 2013. However, it is foolish to think that she’ll continue spinning forever. The Sun will run out of energy. Forbid to shine by the fods – if tou prefer a more religious spin – but with the Earth’s population at well above capacity, not enough food to feed everyone, diseases running amuck. Nations challenging nation, as the Bible says, the Four Horsemen are riding. Burning a trail across our planet. I’m sure long before our star goes away like those that gave birth to it, we humans will fimd a way to extinguish ourselves. We cling to a hope that mankind will truly embrace its humanity, but the only humanity I forsee man embracing is just how much pain & destruction one man cause another. To that end, the Earth that once was, the paradistical days that ancient scriptures say once existed, have gone and the Earth is now no more. But I like to think that our great minds will hear the voices of our great philosophers, and humanity will turn around… if its not too late.

  6. Hello Robert, as a Broadcaster,of the Award Winning Radio Talk Show, ‘Beyond the Here and Now’, highly respected Professional Psychic and meticulously researcher on the topic of Major Earth Changes for over 40 years. I always stated, then events would NOT take place on that day. I have an extensive workshop up for free on my newly launched website which will include a forum, and much more info on the Actual Sequence of events as well as the Proper Preparation for These imminent events.

    Our aim for this course is 1st of all inform as many people as possible, and to build safe eco-sustainable communities underground (locations must be kept secret) Please feel free to take a look at the site or contact me regarding your base of loyal members and the NEED to continue preparation!

    Please note: the Sun no longer sets in the west…watch the next Sunset. The Dec 21st date was ALWAYS a Warning Marker, from the Ancient Maya, (not the contemporary); that we are NOW on the Approach through the events toward the Galactic Center. As I stated long before, we would see debris, meteors, asteroids after that date, to show we are heading into this natural earth cycle…February, it began.

    Looking forward to speaking with you, Robert.

    Most Sincerely,
    Antonia Lau

  7. The only constant thing in life is change…so the 2012 forum must fade away like a summer romance.

    It was a great site Rob. Thank you.

  8. Your website did indeed open a lot of eyes, and did start many folks to saving for bad times ahead, that is “just around the corner” Many thanks for all your insight, you did have some good ideas about preserving the human race. I put no trust in the governments of the world to help the population when doomsday does come to our door.

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